How old is Drew Dirksen?

Drew Dirksen was born on 01 January 1970
Drew Dirksen is old.

How old is Drew Dirksen in days now?

Drew Dirksen is old.
Total 0 days old now.

When is the next birthday of Drew Dirksen?

Drew Dirksen's next birthday is in 0 months 20 hours 46 minutes.

What is the zodiac sign of Drew Dirksen?

Zodiac sign of Drew Dirksen is Libra.

Drew Dirksen is a musician and guitarist known as a member of The Tide band. Born in 1996 in Ohio, he grew up in Monroe, alongside his sister Kacey who is a famous Instagrammer now. Drew started playing the guitar when he was a young teenager. When he was 20 years old, he became a founding member of The Tide which received plenty of help and support from another band, The Vamps, with Brad Simpson being its lead singer. The band includes members and it becomes famous for covering some songs of other famous bands like One Direction and so on. Despite being quite busy with The Tide in the late 2010s, Drew has been actively collaborating with some other bands like ROYLS, ODL, and others. Drew Dirksen used to date Noel Tompson and, as of mid-2020, he is in a relationship with Brittany Hertz, a social media star. Drew himself has a popular Instagram account, with the number of followers close to one-third of a million.

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